Levante Capital Partners is comprised of 5 business units which deliver specific services. This structure allows us to offer our clients a wider portfolio of services with deeper knowledge and expertise.

Our firm is designed to operate as one. Business units are highly coordinated and multiple synergies arise between them. For every engagement, we assemble a team with the most appropriate seniority, experience and expertise and a highly involvement of the partner in charge. Levante Capital Partners seeks to become the trusted strategic advisor of its clients developing long-lasting relationships with them.

  • Blackwood Capital Group is a Corporate Finance company with ample expertise in transnational operations in the European and American continents and in emerging markets that provides highly-specialised financial, economic and strategic advice to companies and financial institutions.


  • Niöra Real Estate is a firm that advises on Real Estate investments, specializing in value-added strategies. Niöra have an in-depth understanding of the Real Estate market and local presence in each of the cities in which they operate, enabling them to originate significant deal flow and advises in the selection those opportunities that offer the best risk-adjusted return.


  • Le Bris is an Independent Financial Advisory firm (EAFI), privately owned and supervised by the Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) and registered with the number 191 to provide independent advisory services on investment.


  • 47nudos would be an advertising agency if we lived in the 90s and TV, radio and newspapers were still the star media to reach the general public. But as things have changed so much, today we define ourselves as a communication agency capable of doing everything that was done in the 90s, and also able to think and run a mini-ad that will only appear on Youtube, implement a branded content campaign or designing and programming a website.